Habits That Breed Success


What is a habit? A habit is behaviour or a set of behaviours you automatically do, beauty-2020493_1920without thinking and often without conscious intention. Some typical examples are driving your car (most of your actions are not thought through, they are done through being consciously competent), biting your fingernails or flicking your hair.

So how can you set good habits that breed success, habits that become behaviours you do automatically? Decide what habits you would like to form and practice them!

Using the cycle of competence is a great starting place:

Unconsciously incompetent – you don’t know how to do something =

Ex. you have yet to realise that you do not take responsibility for your life

Consciously incompetent – you know you don’t know how to do something =

Ex. you know you have not been taking responsibility for your life

Consciously competent – you are aware of what you do and how you do it =

Ex. you are aware that you have started to take responsibility for your life

Unconsciously competent – you are unaware of what you do but you can do it =

Ex. you automatically take responsibility for your life enabling you to make decisions

Here are my top 9 habits that breed success:

  • Taking responsibility – consistently demonstrating responsibility allows you to free yourself from blaming others thus ensuring YOU are in control of as much of your life as you can be
  • Decision making– When you demonstrate responsibility you will find it easier to form the habit of making decisions. This stops you waiting for someone else to make them for you or following the flock to save yourself the trouble and then being disappointed when you don’t get the results you want.
  • Being focused – the habit of focus will provide you with the ability to get things done based on your decisions.
  • Being an action taker – the habit of taking action brings your decisions and focus to life through ‘doing’.
  • Being persistent – the habit of persistence will provide you with the ability to keep going, to stay in action, even when the going gets tough. It’s about not giving up before your time.
  • Staying positive– the habit of positivity serves your persistence, helping you to see the possibilities through the challenges.
  • Self-belief– forming a habit of self-belief allows your positivity to shine through, acknowledging ‘you can’ achieve when you believe it to be true
  • Sharing the knowledge – the habit of sharing what you have learnt and are learning will build your self-belief whilst providing a light of hope and belief for others.
  • Accepting failure as part of the journey – the habit of accepting failure serves to teach you life lessons that are part of your development. Failures are not meant to hold you back, rather question what has been and to seek other ways to get the results you desire. This also helps you to help others.

Each habit interlinks forming a power within that serves you to be the best version of you. When you strive to be the best you can be in a world that often feels like it is stunting your growth, success follows…

But moreover, when you can say ‘I am happy’ with conviction then success has arrived!

What habits do you think breed success?

Live blissfully,


“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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